Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Office

Helping to build the community one person at a time. The purpose of this office is to build partnerships with other faith-based and community organizations in The Deanwood Community. This office exists to create partnerships and better serve individuals, families and Ward 7 communities within the District of Columbia. Without the engagement of secular and faith-based nonprofits, community organizations, neighborhoods, and wider communities; social services would not reach citizens that require them the most. This ministry envisions being a safe haven and support vehicle for the community. For more information please email or click the icon to connect with us on Facebook.


Current Programs

Reading Room:
The Reading Room provides the District, Virginia and Maryland school-age youth with fun and interactive book clubs that build stellar reading comprehension skills. This program provides youth ages 9 – 15 years with an opportunity to sharpen their reading skills with certified teachers and concerned reading coaches. Readers receive coaching and instruction in developing textbook literacy, literacy in different genres, developing focus, math literacy tips and much more. These fun and interactive book clubs are held every second Saturday. Contact us via e-mail or phone to register.

Tiny Tots Reading Room:
This Reading Room provides the pre-schoolers of Rainbow Day Care Center and other Ward 7 preschoolers with pre-reading skills. Teachers, reading coaches and reading enthusiasts introduce letter recognition, colors, shapes, numbers, phonics and many other pre-reading skills. This program meets every other Thursday from 10:30 – 11: 30 a.m. at Greater Refuge Temple in Washington, D.C. Contact us via e-mail or phone to register.
Community Service Program and Mentoring:
The Community Service Program is here to help citizens of the District, Virginia and MD perform their school-directed or court-referred community service hours. Fulfilling community services assignments is an opportunity to both sharpen old skills and to contribute to society. We have rewarding and confidence-boosting assignments in administration, clerical, elder care, computer design, graphics design, tutoring, data entry, security detail, outdoor grounds up-keep, audio and building maintenance. Contact us via e-mail or phone to see if we have community service assignments to suit your requirements. Contact us via e-mail or phone to register.