• We envision a Church Body of effectually fervent praying believers.

  • We envision a Church that is alive and pulsating with a vibrate praise and worship experience.

  • We envision a Word-loving and living Church.

  • We envision a Church where their believers have a healthy spiritual pride in their Church and an eagerness to be in the presence of the Body.

  • We envision a Church where the men are the prophet, priest and head of their household and lead the Body in prayer, praise and worship.

  • We envision a Church where women are fulfilling all God has assigned them to do in an Apostolic manner. We evision a body of women that are knitted together in the Spirit, being supportive of one another and caring for one another’s children.

  • We envision a Church that is continually growing, thriving, rebuking, declaring, and decreeing in accordance with God’s Word.

  • We envision a Church that is affecting the Community, our nuclear and extended families, and the D.C. metropolitan area.

  • We envision an anointed and effective pulpit of ministers, board of trustees, board of deacons, administrative offices, auxiliary leaders and Church Body.