Bishop W. Michael Fields was called to the ministry during his early teen years. He has been ministering in his call to “preach the gospel” since the age of twenty. During his early ministry years, Bishop Fields worked closely with his Father and Pastor at the time, Bishop William G. Fields, as the Youth Pastor and Minister of Music at Refuge Temple Annex, Bronx, New York. He also served as the President and Choir Director for the Bronx Diocese Choir, the Diocese that his Father presides over. As Bishop Fields grow from Minister to Elder and then Bishop, he conducted many revivals and tent services and held various offices and positions in COOLJC organization.

He is a husband, father, song writer, teacher and preacher of the Gospel, prayer warrior, Bible student and proud graduate of the W.L. Bonner Bible College in South Carolina, an accomplished musician, counselor – a servant of Christ.

In 1993 he was appointed Assistant Pastor of Greater Refuge Temple Church in Washington, DC, where the Chief Apostle of COOLJC, William L. Bonner, is the Pastor.

On March 8th, 2012, a church vote was conducted by Apostle Bonner for the next Pastor of Greater Refuge Temple Church, Washington, DC. After the vote, with the majority of votes in Bishop Fields’ favor, Apostle Bonner named Bishop W. Michael Fields the Pastor of Greater Refuge Temple Church in Washington, D.C.